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The next TEDxPhoenix Salon: Sustainable Tinkering

Posted by TEDxPhoenix Team on Wednesday, June 15th, 2011 in Events, News, TEDxPhoenixSalons

The theme for our June 21st, 2011 TEDxPhoenixSalon is “Sustainable Tinkering” where we will explore inventive and unique ways of applying and incorporating sustainable practices into our everyday lives, while trying to avoid the common pitfalls that lead people to avoid a “greener” lifestyle.

Which brings us to a new feature at this month’s Salon — the book and music exchange. If you have a book or CD that you think others might enjoy, then bring it to the event and we’ll be having a book and music exchange during our first break.

Confirmed Speakers

Ray DelMuro
Green combinations, maybe Kermit was wrong?

Thomas Topero
Urban Yardening

David Pudelwitts-St. Albans
Rethinking Reuse

Mark Jamnik
My experience as a weekday vegetarian

Cavin Costello
TEDxTalk Title: “Cool Like Us: Why Human Behavior Should Drive Thermal Design Architecture”

Colin G. Tetreault
TEDxTalk Title: “The Future of (AWESOME) Human Genetic Engineering”

Brian McCollow
TEDxTalk Title: “Everything Matters”

More Info About the Salon
If you would like to get an idea of what a TEDxPhoenixSalon is like, feel free to visit the event page for our last Salon which contains a wrap up of the event:

As always, TEDxPhoenixSalons are free to attend and all that we ask is that you RSVP by using the ‘Attend’ link here.


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