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What’s Your TED or TEDx Story?

Posted by TEDxPhoenix Team on Monday, March 16th, 2015 in News

The tagline for TED is “ideas worth spreading.” The simplicity and power in those three words is remarkable when you think about the ripple effect that a simple 18 minute (or less) talk can have on someone. Or maybe you attended a TEDx event and something clicked for you there – a new interest, a new connection and new opportunity.

In 2014, TEDx celebrated its 10,000th event. 10,000 events that touched hundreds or thousands of people without political agendas, sales pitches or millionaire expectations. These were people, just like you, that wanted to be inspired and wanted to see the world around them in a new, engaging way. Here is a cool TEDx infographic about the 10,000 TEDx events.

When you attend the TEDxPhoenix event, you’ll meet the volunteers that make this event possible. Every one of them has a TED story – a reason that motivated them to seek out a way to spend their valuable free time dedicated to the event. You’ll meet the volunteer organizers for the event who were so inspired by their own TED stories that they created this event and continue to nurture it today.

So what about you? What’s your TED story? Have you attended a TED or TEDx event before? Did you watch a TED or TEDx talk that inspired you? Comment and share your story for a chance to win a prize. You can also buy your ticket to attend at http://www.tedxphoenix.com/attend. We look forward to swapping stories with you then!


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