TEDxPhoenix: Press Play

December 21, 2018 @ Mesa Arts Center

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TEDxPhoenix is back!

Posted by TEDxPhoenix Team on Thursday, December 21th, 2018

TEDxPhoenix 2015 Main Stage

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On Sunday, April 26, 2015 we’ll celebrate “Press Play”, a look at what Priligy Online it takes to drown out the noise, ignore the odds, and just doing what needs to be done.

Join us at the Mesa Arts Center from 2PM – 6:30PM and make plans to enjoy fantastic talks, good food, and interactive exhibits in the lobby with some special surprises this year.

Look for our ticket link to go live on Monday, February 16th. We expect to sell out, so get your tickets early!

Follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and join our mailing list to get the latest information as we reveal our 2015 TEDxPhoenix speakers.

TEDxPhoenixChange 2013 is here!

Posted by TEDxPhoenix Team on Saturday, March 30th, 2013

TEDxPhoenixChange 2013: Positive Disruption will take place on April 7, 2013 at the Tempe History Museum. Tickets can be purchased here.

The event will feature live local speakers along with the simulcast of TEDxChange: Positive Disruption. TEDxChange is an event created out of a partnership between the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the TEDx program. It is an initiative devoted to ideas worth spreading in the areas of global health and development. TEDxPhoenixChange will explore these ideas along with other ways of disrupting communities for good.

Confirmed Local Speakers

AMY SCERRA, works with women entrepreneurs from emerging economies and manage business-training programs at Thunderbird School of Global Management.  Amy’s personal goal is to create opportunities for both local and international women entrepreneurs to expand their networks, and to provide practical tools to promote sustainable business growth.

BOB BEARD, is a Where To Buy Clomid For Women cultural explorer, community connector and fan of fandom. Most recently, Bob founded the local Arizona PBS Nerd Walk which has captured the attention of other PBS stations nationwide. A life-long geek himself, Bob is writing his graduate thesis on nerds and nerd culture for the Communications Studies program at Arizona State University.

ROBERT DIEHL, is a community organizer, art curator, and New Yorker. Robert aka Bob, is the curator of TEDxScottsdale and has helped organize countless community events, including one to save the “Phoenix ficus.” Bob was also featured as one of the 100 creatives in Arizona by the Phoenix New Times in 2012.

We hope you’ll join us on April 7th and participate in a discussion about bringing positive change to our community! The Tempe History museum is located at 809 E Southern Ave, Tempe, AZ 85282. See event details on the TED website at http://www.ted.com/tedx/events/7853.

For more information on TEDxChange, please visit: www.gatesfoundation.org/tedxchange

Announcing TEDxPhoenixChange

Posted by TEDxPhoenix Team on Tuesday, March 27th, 2012


TEDxPhoenixChange will take place on April, 13th at 6:30pm at Changemaker Central in Tempe. The event is FREE but please RSVP to attend.

TEDxChange 2012 is a TEDx event co-organized by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and TED. Convened by Melinda French Gates and hosted by Chris Anderson, TEDxChange will focus on issues surrounding global health and development. Our event is called TEDxPhoenixChange, and is one of many TEDx events happening around the globe that will expand on the ideas brought up at TEDxChange 2010.

Melinda Gates’s talk – This year Melinda’s talk will address the importance of family planning in improving health and development outcomes worldwide. She will focus on the fact that families have unequal access to the contraception they demand, depending on where they live – in fact, 215 million women who wish to avoid pregnancy do not have access to contraceptives.While her talk will be derived from reputable research as well as her own experience, it will include some potentially controversial content including references to sex, abortion, and specific types of contraception. We understand this topic can sometimes be viewed as controversial, so we wanted to let you know ahead of time.

See more details on the Buy Priligy Online NZ page.

5 Things to Bring to TEDxPhoenix 11.11.11

Posted by TEDxPhoenix on Thursday, November 10th, 2011

TEDxPhoenix 11.11.11 is almost here, and we wanted to get you prepared for the event by sharing 5 things you should bring to TEDxPhoenix 11.11.11.

  1. Directions: The Mesa Arts Center has plenty of parking and is located at One East Main St Mesa, AZ 85201.
  2. Your Appetite: Coffee and snacks will be provided during the breaks, and dinner from Wildflower Bread Company will also be provided.
  3. Your Favorite Pen: We’ll be handing out FIELD NOTES notebooks so you can jot down your ideas and thoughts during the event.
  4. Your Ticket: Once you’ve printed or picked up your ticket from the box office, head over to the registration table to receive your badge. You will need your badge to gain access to snacks, coffee, and dinner.
  5. YOU! Leave your distractions at work and at home, be present, meet people you don’t know, and come enjoy an evening of inspiration and ideas!

Last but not least, here’s a full rundown of the TEDxPhoenix program:

  • 3:00PM – Lobby doors open, coffee and snacks available
  • 3:40PM – Theater doors open, general seating begins (seats are not assigned)
  • 4:00PM – Session 1: Enlightenment for a Change
  • 5:15PM – Dinner
  • 6:15PM – Session 2: Unexpected Connections for a Change
  • 7:15PM – Break
  • 8:00PM – Session 3: Redefining the Status Quo for a Change
  • 9:00PM – Event ends
  • 9:30PM – After party begins

We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for TEDxPhoenix 11.11.11!

The TEDxPhoenix Volunteer Team

TEDGlobal 2011: The Stuff of Life

Posted by TEDxPhoenix Team on Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

TEDxPhoenix and TEDxScottsdale have joined forces to invite you to an exclusive screening of TEDGlobal 2011: The Stuff of Life. This incredible event brings together a select few on Wednesday, July 13, 2011 to view sessions from Edinburgh, Scotland.

If you have ever wanted to be a part of the TED experience and connect with other TED fans in the valley, apply to attend using the form here.

When: 11am-8pm Wednesday July 13, 2011
Where: GateWay Community College Auditorium (CHCE 1106) 108 North 40th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85034


The next TEDxPhoenix Salon: Sustainable Tinkering

Posted by TEDxPhoenix Team on Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

The theme for our June 21st, 2011 TEDxPhoenixSalon is “Sustainable Tinkering” where we will explore inventive and unique ways of applying and incorporating sustainable practices into our everyday lives, while trying to avoid the common pitfalls that lead people to avoid a “greener” lifestyle.

Which brings us to a new feature at this month’s Salon — the book and music exchange. If you have a book or CD that you think others might enjoy, then bring it to the event and we’ll be having a book and music exchange during our first break.


Introducing TEDxPhoenix Salon events

Posted by TEDxPhoenix Team on Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

The TEDxPhoenixSalon series is an intimate and casual meet-up aimed to spark creative engagement amongst the local Phoenix-Metro community. It’s a gathering of curious minds, and a place to explore new ideas and ways of thinking.

For our May 24th, 2011 TEDxPhoenixSalon, our theme will be “Revolutionizing Education.” We will watch TEDTalks by Salman Khan, Dave Eggers and John Hunter as we set out to answer the following question: “Is the education revolution closer than we think?”

More details here.

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