Current Team

TEDxPhoenix is a not-for-profit event and is made possible through the generous contribution of time and energy by unpaid volunteers. Listed below are members of our current volunteer team.

Wardah Jamil / Lead Organizer

Wardah Jamil

Wardah is an engineer, geek and global citizen. When not attending or working on TEDx events, she enjoys exploring new music, perfecting her roti canai recipe, and scorpion hunting with her dog and cat.

Tomas Carrillo / Co-Organizer

Tomas Carrillo

Small-town Arizona native and recovering blogger who loves Kickstarter, Kiva, his MacBook Pro, and all things TED and TEDx. When not breaking things at Humana RightSourceRx, Tomas is working on TEDxPhoenix and occasionally geeking out on the Science Channel.

Tomas Carrillo / @tomascarrillo

Safwat Saleem / Creative Director

Safwat Saleem

Safwat is a graphic designer, artist and filmmaker based in Phoenix, Arizona.

@safwat / +Safwat Saleem

Meet the Team

In no particular order:

Renee Freedman, Sylva Leduc, Marcia Reynolds, Kris-Baxter Ging, Sue Shipman, Qa'ed Mai, Joy Olbertz, Nick Taylor, Ali Bolourian, Jeffrey Hardesty, Lacia Sommars, Kelly Haskins, Rod Marten, Tanya Moushi, Shaunte Glover, Sean Lykken, Isabel Lykken, Derek Hendricks, Diane Goldstein, Eileen Kane, Kyle Williams, Andrew Norman, Ann Roselle, Farnaz Forouzandeh, Sue King, Cheryl Rose, Sue Alex, Amanda Malak, Julie Holmes, Bryce Nalepa, Malerie Diamante, Sharne Asfall, Patti Koblewski, Lauren Wong, Dawn Moseke, Victoria Crawford, Sara Santiago, Devon Adams, Kent Hendrick, David Ung, Taylor Blackmore, Glenn Blackmore, Sean Hayes, Todd Sommers, Michael Monson, and Lupe Lagunas.

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Past Volunteers

Countless people have volunteered their time over the years to help make TEDxPhoenix a reality. Below is a list of all our past volunteers (in no particular order):

Susan Rubin, Francois Besnier, Mark Jamnik, Ray DelMuro, Tyler Rives, Tiffany Duening, Sean Hayes, Sally Baker, Luanne Mattson, Jessica Kirkland, Patricia Reiter, Joseph Perez, Irene Courtney, Tia Stokes, Sue Shipman, Neda Tavassoli, Liz Allen Chodosh, Ivonne Ward, Tak Hikichi, Tyler Coleman, Richard Essig, David Wang, Chelsea Smith, Steve Shankman, Seth Anderson, Laci Lester, Alexis Javadi, Melissa Zlatow, Neel Das, Eniko Lajos, Todd Landfried, Becky Murans, Heather Kozan, Dan Shankman, Anil Kandangath, Carlin Skinner, Qa'ed Mai, Yuri Artibise, Jana L. Knapp, Robert Curry, Glenn Jimerson, Rene Gutel, Brian Shaler and Anne Watson Barber.

Join the Team

TEDxPhoenix is a not-for-profit event and is made possible through the generous contribution of time and energy by unpaid volunteers. We're always on the lookout for more volunteers who can help bring their passion and energy to the group.

If you're interested in becoming a TEDxPhoenix volunteer, please click here to access our volunteer form.

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